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For busy Christians and their families, audio content provides a practical and accessible way to absorb valuable lessons and insights without setting aside extra time to read.


Luminate is a mobile app, curating an immersive audio journey through Christian teachings to cultivate Christian values. With a diverse array of audio content such as books, podcasts, stories, topical playlists, and character sketches of influential Christians throughout history, our mission is to inspire spiritual growth in families across the globe.


As a team, this project could have only come into reality by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. He is our first and primary value: Christ-centered. We also are guided by a commitment to beauty, listening, creativity, minimalism, and an uplifting spirit.


Clive Coutet


Clive Coutet is the Media Director at Weimar University as well as Co-Founder and Media Director of Lineage Journey. When he is not on set, he enjoys playing football (soccer), hiking, skiing and spending quality time with his family. Clive is married to Charlene and resides in California with their four children, Anaiya, Téo, Azario and Rémiro.

Sebastien Braxton


Sebastien is a user experience designer and consultant that founded Fiat Lux, his own design agency in Fayetteville, NC. He has worked on apps like EGW - Counsels, The New Life Challenge and others.

James Wilson

Chief Technical Officer

James has philanthropic commitment in the tiny Himalayan nation. His work involves poverty alleviation and lifestyle improvement amongst the rural community.

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