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Changing day to day tasks into opportunities for spiritual growth.

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Sounds Good

Sounds Good

Experience one of the highest rated Christian auditory experiences with Luminate World, where our top-rated voices and music create a professional, vivid, and engaging soundscape.



Seamlessly integrate Jesus into your daily tasks, whether you're cooking, commuting, or even showering, transforming mundane activities into a journey of faith and learning.



You'll love the categories which provide structure and bite-sized pieces of large audio content digestible in one sitting. These help you choose quicker and get back to your tasks.

The Luminate Difference

Tour the key features that differentiate meditating from luminating.

Multiple Voices & Accents

Customize your listening experience by first selecting from 4 different voices and accents with varied textures, pacing, and timber. More voices to come in the future!

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Immersive Background Music

Enjoy an immersive listening experience of originally composed music for this app. Choose between four different genres, random play or no music at all.

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Music to enhance and not distract

Easier reading

Got a phone call? Or needed to pause? No problem. Pick up exactly where you left off the next time you open luminate on any device you're logged in to. Our listening plans help break up an overwhelming book into daily listens and encouraging progress.

Search content without hassle, powered by AI

Find that chapter you were looking for, or that paragraph that stuck with you, using our search feature. Enabled by Artificial Intelligence, we make it possible not only to look for titles and authors, but content inside the app.

How are you feeling?

Topical playlists are audio listens designed to speak to the heart. They provide Christ-centered words that give you good reasons not to feel lonely, discouraged, afraid or hopeless.


The Complete Experience

The Music and voice combination in our app is uniquely designed to enhance and not detract from your listening experience.

The Touch of Faith

Choose from an array of Christian content based on...

...your vibe, how much time you have or preference such as story, podcast, biography, or events.

Topical Playlists

Explore topics relevant to your mood and vibe at that moment.

Completely customize your experience by controlling playback speed, music volume, even reflection mode to really immerse yourself into the content.

With a Pay-it-forward model, you can not only subscribe yourself, but also help others gain access to this content in countries and communities who cannot afford the physical books.

Over 150+ playlists & stories to help you luminate your life

Showreel of how we created our customized art work


Amazing app. Love the different music options and voices. Not only can you listen to different books, but you can also listen to compilations based on different topics.

L. Monroe


Awesome app. Soothing audio and beautiful artworks.

V. Karki


It's the best, top of it's league.

E. U. Sdasm


Aesthetically pleasing app. Easy to navigate but also highly customizable to your needs. Looking forward to seeing more content added into the app. Must have if you want to deepen your relationship with Christ.

A. Manopo

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Lifetime Memberships

Help us reach our goal to luminate the world!

Our mission is world lumination by having these books in enough languages to cover at least 80% of the world by their native language. A lifetime subscription helps us add more accents, languages, and books to the app and help as many souls as possible be blessed by this content!

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